Women with Herpes Dating – The 5 Kinds of Men that You Should Avoid

Dating with herpes can be a daunting situation, particularly for women. The fear of judgment and rejection is the main reason why so many women don’t open up about dating with herpes. However, with the rise of online dating websites the herpes dating world has been revolutionized. Now women don’t have to live in fear of being rejected and judged on their STD, they can find similar partners who have been going through the same thing. Read a story from a fan here.

However, you shouldn’t be so quick to date a man when you are dating with herpes, since dating the wrong sort of person can put you off from dating forever. There are lots of good men out there who are looking for potential life partners with herpes, and you should make your choice carefully. There is no need to rush into a relationship with a man when you are dating with herpes, since that will only put you at more risk of getting hurt and rejected.

That is why we have decided to provide you with 5 kinds of men that you should avoid, when you are woman dating with herpes.

1. The Liar

No one likes being lied to whether they are dating with herpes or not. You should never date a guy that is a habitual liar, since they will always lie to you. When you are dating with herpes, you will find plenty of guys that will tell you sweet stuff about you and flirt with you in order to get your attention. However, if you are serious with herpes dating and want a long-term future with your next partner, you should steer well clear of the liar. They will have excuses for anything and may even lie about their STD and other important things in their life, like their job, their family, their financial status and their love life.

2. The Manipulator

Ladies, you should all know your true worth and therefore should avoid any man that tries to manipulate you in any way, shape or form. It is a sad reality but you will most likely come across a man that will be charming and cute and funny, but you shouldn’t fall for him instantly. Men who manipulate women will not hold back in anything, and they will have their own reasons for getting into a relationship. It may be for sex, for love or for the sheer pleasure of having someone under their control. You should definitely steer clear of this kind.

3. The Always Busy

They will be caring and attentive in the beginning and do all the right things to get your attention. In fact such men are so good at giving the right impression; you may think that he is the one that you are supposed to be with. However, as soon as they have got you, that is when they start playing their games and never give you any time. It may be their way of keeping you interested in them, but it is a douche bag move and you shouldn’t waste your time on a person that is always busy and never has time to see you or hangout with you.

4. The Emotionally Distant Guy

Such guys generally have had a rough childhood and for that reason they are unlikely to be too open with you. Their mysterious air and lack of emotion may seem appealing for most women, who will want to date this guy because they see it as a challenge. Don’t bother wasting your time with this one, since not only will they leave you an emotional wreck but will suck out all the happiness from their life. They will never make you feel special and will leave you wondering whether you are good enough.

5. The Lack of Ambition Guy

No self-respecting woman should ever date a guy that has got no ambition and doesn’t want to do anything with their life. These men will talk a big game and say all the right things to convince you to give them a chance, but you will soon see that they have no ambition at all to do the things they set out to do. This guy will not be genuine and sincere with you and will only waste your time and your money.

This list is by no means an attack on all guys, and there are still plenty of very decent, loving and caring guys that are available for women with herpes. So choose wisely and remember to stay clear of these kinds for your benefit.

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