Why Communication is the Key for STD Relationships

Communication is the cornerstone for every relationship, but it becomes the oxygen to your relationship particularly if you are in an STD relationship. Living with an STD is definitely hard and in order to ensure that your relationship grows and develops into something beautiful you will have to ensure that you are on the same page as your partner. Any relationship that is devoid of communication will struggle to stand the test of time and will eventually frizzle away.

If you and your partner are unable to communicate in an STD relationship, it will create a huge void in your lives and both of you will slowly drift apart without you knowing about it. It is safe to say that not everyone is comfortable in communicating, which is why it is important that you develop yours before you even think about jumping into a committed long-term STD relationship. Such relationships generally don’t stand the test of time because the partners have to remain committed and actively take steps to ensure that both of them are on the same page on every level of their relationship.

Learn to communicate your thoughts
In any romantic relationship especially in an STD relationship, it is important that you discuss your fears about engaging in any sexual activity with your partner. Talking about sex openly is not something that everyone can do, which is why you have to find a little common ground and find something that you are both comfortable with. Remember to let your partner know if you are feeling any pressure when it comes to having sex, since you need to be entirely comfortable first.

It is okay to be nervous about having sex with someone that has an STD but if you are honest about your condition and the possible fears that you may have, then the relationship will only blossom. It is important to be honest to your partner, but you should also be honest to yourself. Do you like the way this relationship is developing? Or would you like to take things a little slow? Let your partner know about such things so that you don’t have to worry about it constantly.

What should you talk about?
Most people generally don’t talk rationally with their partners before engaging in sexual acts in a relationship. However, it becomes imperative that you talk with your partner when you are in an STD relationship. It doesn’t matter how uncomfortable the subject may appear to you at first, but if you are able to handle the topic with tact you will be able to learn more about your partner. Here are some of the things that you should discuss with them.

·Their STI – when was the last time they got tested? What is the history of their STI? What are the chances of infection from their STI?

·Birth control – are you or your partner on birth control? Are both of you open to the idea of pregnancy? Will the STI have any effect on the child? What birth control measures do you prefer using?

·Safer sex – ask them about the safer sex options they prefer, which ones they are using currently and why it is best to use them.

·Boundaries – what are the sexual fantasies or activities that you would like to explore? Are there any places on your body that you would like to be touched more often?

Communication holds all the keys in any relationship, since it allows you to not only learn more about yourself but your partner as well. If you are in an STD relationship, make sure that you are effectively communicating with your partner regularly.


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