Why You Shouldn’t Reject A Potential Partner Simply for a Different STD

Dating with STDs has really caught on in recent times and there are lots of websites that are making it easier for people with STIs to have a chance to find true love and find the love of their life. Even though dating has become easier for people with STDs, as they can easily find support and now have a platform where they are free from all sorts of discrimination and judgment, being in a relationship with someone that has an STD is still not easy.

No one wants an STD and they will generally avoid additional STDs as well. There is just too much stress, fear and worry that having an STI brings. Your whole life turns into a mess and you are constantly concerned about your health and the implications that it now has one your life. However, the fact of the matter is that anyone can contract an STD (well anyone that doesn’t consider protection whilst engaging in sexual activity). The majority of sexually active people today have no idea that they are living with an STD until the symptoms become clear and they have to go to the hospital with tests.

In any event, having an STD doesn’t mean the end of the world for you, and you shouldn’t put your life on hold. The stigma surrounding STDs is so great that people can’t help be freaked out by it, but as a person living with an STD is it really fair to reject a potential partner who happens to have a different STD? A lot of people face rejection that is generally brought on by their condition and you shouldn’t put someone through that.

Rejection hurts, it hurts like anything, and as someone living with an STD, you shouldn’t be choosy, picky or judgmental about someone that has a different STD. Doing so is not only harsh, cold and mean but it means that you are doing the exact thing that you don’t want happening to you. That is the reason why you shouldn’t let discrimination against a particular stop you from dating someone who is obviously right for you.

To make matters clear for you here are some of things that suggest why you shouldn’t reject a potential partner who happens to have a different STD than yours:

Appreciate them for being honest

First off all, if you know that your potential partner has a different STD than yours, it is because they were brave enough to tell you about it. You should respect that honesty, because not everyone out there is going to be as real and honest with you. Research has revealed that a large majority of people with STDs never tell their partners that they have it. It just goes to show how much they care about you and speaks volumes of their moral integrity that they shared something so personal about themselves. You should reward that honesty and courage and not reject them for being open with you, since it is unlikely that you will ever find a more caring and honest partner.

Communicate with your partner

Communication is the cornerstone for every relationship, and you should communicate with your partner about their STD. You can discuss their STD in front of a doctor and get more information about the possibility of contracting another STD and whether or not it is safe for you to engage in sexual activities with them. If you think that there is even a hint of a chance that you will not be under any threat of getting another STD then you should give the relationship every chance to develop. Remember that your partner is entitled to find love just as much as you are and you should give them every opportunity to find that.

The fear of rejection (Learn how to manage rejection) is something that holds people back from dating with an STD. If your partner was honest and brave enough to tell you about it, you shouldn’t reject them, since you are in the same boat and you wouldn’t want to be rejected by someone due to your condition as well.



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