How to Best Deal with Someone who is STD Free

When it comes to dating with STDs, it is safe to say that a lot of people are stumped as to how to go about things. People who have contracted STDs may think that their dating lives are over for good but all that has changed with the advent of herpes dating websites. The internet has proved to be a revelation for STD singles who now have a platform where they can easily find their true love without the fear of being rejected. There are lots of websites where STD singles can make their profiles and then contact other singles who have also gotten STDs.

The majority of the STD dating websites have got users who have got similar or other STDs, but what would should do when you come across someone that is STD free? The first question that you should ask yourself should be whether you want to date them and why you want to date them in the first place? The first thing that you will have to tell someone that you wanted to date is alert them about your condition. It is imperative that you let them know beforehand about your STD, especially if they are someone who is STD free.


To help make matters easier for you, here is how you can best deal with someone who is STD free:

Tell them about your STD

The first thing that you have to do is tell them about your STD so that they know exactly what they are getting into. It is your responsibility as a person to inform the other about any other STD that you are diagnosed with before you begin dating them or form a relationship with them. Make sure that you pick the right moment to tell them, since you don’t want to be waiting too long before they find out.

Provide them with all the information

Just because you have an STD doesn’t mean that you can’t have a normal life. You deserve and can live a perfectly normal life with the person you care about if they know about all the things related to your STD. Don’t be afraid and after telling them about your STD, you should provide them with all the important information about your STD so that they can make a much more informed decision.

Make sure that they understand your condition

For someone, who has is STD free, the idea of dating someone with an STD can be horrifying, so don’t be surprised if they find it hard to come to grips with that. You should make sure that they understand your condition and are willing to learn more about it. If they are ready to take that risk and take the necessary precautions whilst engaging in sexual activities then you should definitely not face any problems when it comes to a relationship.

Decide if you want to date

Now that they know about your STD it is really up to both of you to make the relationship work. Make sure that you are perfectly clear about the STD and the relationship and you don’t have to be worried about passing the STD over to your STD free partner. Remember that even if you use protection there is a chance that you give your partner your STD so make sure that both of you are ready for that and have accepted that as part of your relationship.

Dealing with someone who is STD free can be a challenge, since it may seem that their life is completely different from yours. However, there really isn’t much of a difference, and if you go about it like an adult, you will get the results that you crave from a relationship.


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