Why Communication is the Key for STD Relationships

Communication is the cornerstone for every relationship, but it becomes the oxygen to your relationship particularly if you are in an STD relationship. Living with an STD is definitely hard and in order to ensure that your relationship grows and develops into something beautiful you will have to ensure that you are on the same page as your partner. Any relationship that is devoid of communication will struggle to stand the test of time and will eventually frizzle away.

If you and your partner are unable to communicate in an STD relationship, it will create a huge void in your lives and both of you will slowly drift apart without you knowing about it. It is safe to say that not everyone is comfortable in communicating, which is why it is important that you develop yours before you even think about jumping into a committed long-term STD relationship. Such relationships generally don’t stand the test of time because the partners have to remain committed and actively take steps to ensure that both of them are on the same page on every level of their relationship.

Learn to communicate your thoughts
In any romantic relationship especially in an STD relationship, it is important that you discuss your fears about engaging in any sexual activity with your partner. Talking about sex openly is not something that everyone can do, which is why you have to find a little common ground and find something that you are both comfortable with. Remember to let your partner know if you are feeling any pressure when it comes to having sex, since you need to be entirely comfortable first.

It is okay to be nervous about having sex with someone that has an STD but if you are honest about your condition and the possible fears that you may have, then the relationship will only blossom. It is important to be honest to your partner, but you should also be honest to yourself. Do you like the way this relationship is developing? Or would you like to take things a little slow? Let your partner know about such things so that you don’t have to worry about it constantly.

What should you talk about?
Most people generally don’t talk rationally with their partners before engaging in sexual acts in a relationship. However, it becomes imperative that you talk with your partner when you are in an STD relationship. It doesn’t matter how uncomfortable the subject may appear to you at first, but if you are able to handle the topic with tact you will be able to learn more about your partner. Here are some of the things that you should discuss with them.

·Their STI – when was the last time they got tested? What is the history of their STI? What are the chances of infection from their STI?

·Birth control – are you or your partner on birth control? Are both of you open to the idea of pregnancy? Will the STI have any effect on the child? What birth control measures do you prefer using?

·Safer sex – ask them about the safer sex options they prefer, which ones they are using currently and why it is best to use them.

·Boundaries – what are the sexual fantasies or activities that you would like to explore? Are there any places on your body that you would like to be touched more often?

Communication holds all the keys in any relationship, since it allows you to not only learn more about yourself but your partner as well. If you are in an STD relationship, make sure that you are effectively communicating with your partner regularly.

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How to Identify Scammers on Herpes Dating Websites

STD dating websites have changed the game for people who are diagnosed with STDs. They no longer have to willow in sadness and despair about their condition, since they are now able to find potential partners with whom they can spend the rest of their lives with. Most STDs have no cure such as herpes and HIV, which means that the person diagnosed with them has to live the rest of their lives with the STD. There are lots of great STD dating websites that are around today, and if you want to get the most out of them, you have to know which ones are genuine and which ones aren’t.

Unfortunately, there are lots of dishonest people on the internet, who look to take advantage of people with STDs. Many people with herpes often look for ways in which they can reduce or eliminate the symptoms of their STD. However, these people are often the ones that fall into the trap set by scammers. There are medicines available that help the outbreaks or symptoms of herpes to go away and people believe that it is the medication that has been provided to them, which is responsible for this. Little do they know that they are being scammed quite elaborately by medical scammers!

Beware of Herpes Medical Scams
There are lots of herpes medical cure scams, which are disguised with false testimonials and researches. They are posted as comments from people who currently have recovered from herpes, but there are no medications that has been devised yet that can completely eliminate herpes. Various professional websites are offering people with miracle medication and it is becoming increasingly difficult to identify these scammers from professional experts and doctors.

It can be difficult to identify a medical scam, since it is so prevalent nowadays over the internet. There is little proof about the ability to cure STDs, and industry experts have given advice to people who are looking for medical cures for herpes. They state that you should always consult with your professional physician or health care professional before you choose to purchase any medicine that guarantees curing your STD. Scammers target people who are low on hope and morale, which is why it is important to think with your head and not with your heart when it comes to identifying medical scammers on herpes dating websites.

How to identify scammers?

Medical scammers on herpes dating websites are generally those who claim to have products which can prevent, cure or treat your herpes. They make wild promises based on fake researches and testimonials, whilst the medicines are not proven to be effective or safe for the user. Such scams will not only waste your time but your money as well, whilst it can also lead to delays in proper treatment and diagnosis of your STD. In severe cases, medical scams can also lead to fatal and serious injuries.

That is why we have provided you with the correct ways to identify medical scammers on herpes dating websites today:

·Scammers are offering cheap healthcare products.
·No prescription necessary for medicines.
·Miracle cures promised.
·No real research used for backing up cure-all claims.
·Products and services seem too good to be true.
·Fake testimonials suggesting instant results.
·No real links about the medicine on the internet.

These are the warning signs that you should look out for when it comes to identifying medical scammers on herpes dating websites. You should know by now that herpes is incurable and that you have to live with the STD for life, so stay clear of any medical miracle cure medication that promises you instant relief from herpes.

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How to Best Deal with Someone who is STD Free

When it comes to dating with STDs, it is safe to say that a lot of people are stumped as to how to go about things. People who have contracted STDs may think that their dating lives are over for good but all that has changed with the advent of herpes dating websites. The internet has proved to be a revelation for STD singles who now have a platform where they can easily find their true love without the fear of being rejected. There are lots of websites where STD singles can make their profiles and then contact other singles who have also gotten STDs.

The majority of the STD dating websites have got users who have got similar or other STDs, but what would should do when you come across someone that is STD free? The first question that you should ask yourself should be whether you want to date them and why you want to date them in the first place? The first thing that you will have to tell someone that you wanted to date is alert them about your condition. It is imperative that you let them know beforehand about your STD, especially if they are someone who is STD free.


To help make matters easier for you, here is how you can best deal with someone who is STD free:

Tell them about your STD

The first thing that you have to do is tell them about your STD so that they know exactly what they are getting into. It is your responsibility as a person to inform the other about any other STD that you are diagnosed with before you begin dating them or form a relationship with them. Make sure that you pick the right moment to tell them, since you don’t want to be waiting too long before they find out.

Provide them with all the information

Just because you have an STD doesn’t mean that you can’t have a normal life. You deserve and can live a perfectly normal life with the person you care about if they know about all the things related to your STD. Don’t be afraid and after telling them about your STD, you should provide them with all the important information about your STD so that they can make a much more informed decision.

Make sure that they understand your condition

For someone, who has is STD free, the idea of dating someone with an STD can be horrifying, so don’t be surprised if they find it hard to come to grips with that. You should make sure that they understand your condition and are willing to learn more about it. If they are ready to take that risk and take the necessary precautions whilst engaging in sexual activities then you should definitely not face any problems when it comes to a relationship.

Decide if you want to date

Now that they know about your STD it is really up to both of you to make the relationship work. Make sure that you are perfectly clear about the STD and the relationship and you don’t have to be worried about passing the STD over to your STD free partner. Remember that even if you use protection there is a chance that you give your partner your STD so make sure that both of you are ready for that and have accepted that as part of your relationship.

Dealing with someone who is STD free can be a challenge, since it may seem that their life is completely different from yours. However, there really isn’t much of a difference, and if you go about it like an adult, you will get the results that you crave from a relationship.

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Why You Shouldn’t Reject A Potential Partner Simply for a Different STD

Dating with STDs has really caught on in recent times and there are lots of websites that are making it easier for people with STIs to have a chance to find true love and find the love of their life. Even though dating has become easier for people with STDs, as they can easily find support and now have a platform where they are free from all sorts of discrimination and judgment, being in a relationship with someone that has an STD is still not easy.

No one wants an STD and they will generally avoid additional STDs as well. There is just too much stress, fear and worry that having an STI brings. Your whole life turns into a mess and you are constantly concerned about your health and the implications that it now has one your life. However, the fact of the matter is that anyone can contract an STD (well anyone that doesn’t consider protection whilst engaging in sexual activity). The majority of sexually active people today have no idea that they are living with an STD until the symptoms become clear and they have to go to the hospital with tests.

In any event, having an STD doesn’t mean the end of the world for you, and you shouldn’t put your life on hold. The stigma surrounding STDs is so great that people can’t help be freaked out by it, but as a person living with an STD is it really fair to reject a potential partner who happens to have a different STD? A lot of people face rejection that is generally brought on by their condition and you shouldn’t put someone through that.

Rejection hurts, it hurts like anything, and as someone living with an STD, you shouldn’t be choosy, picky or judgmental about someone that has a different STD. Doing so is not only harsh, cold and mean but it means that you are doing the exact thing that you don’t want happening to you. That is the reason why you shouldn’t let discrimination against a particular stop you from dating someone who is obviously right for you.

To make matters clear for you here are some of things that suggest why you shouldn’t reject a potential partner who happens to have a different STD than yours:

Appreciate them for being honest

First off all, if you know that your potential partner has a different STD than yours, it is because they were brave enough to tell you about it. You should respect that honesty, because not everyone out there is going to be as real and honest with you. Research has revealed that a large majority of people with STDs never tell their partners that they have it. It just goes to show how much they care about you and speaks volumes of their moral integrity that they shared something so personal about themselves. You should reward that honesty and courage and not reject them for being open with you, since it is unlikely that you will ever find a more caring and honest partner.

Communicate with your partner

Communication is the cornerstone for every relationship, and you should communicate with your partner about their STD. You can discuss their STD in front of a doctor and get more information about the possibility of contracting another STD and whether or not it is safe for you to engage in sexual activities with them. If you think that there is even a hint of a chance that you will not be under any threat of getting another STD then you should give the relationship every chance to develop. Remember that your partner is entitled to find love just as much as you are and you should give them every opportunity to find that.

The fear of rejection (Learn how to manage rejection) is something that holds people back from dating with an STD. If your partner was honest and brave enough to tell you about it, you shouldn’t reject them, since you are in the same boat and you wouldn’t want to be rejected by someone due to your condition as well.


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A new start after herpes

There was a time when I used to freak out on getting to know that someone has a sexually transmitted disease. I was under the impression that people that have multiple partners are the ones to get an STD until one day – the day I was diagnosed with STD.

I am Sofia, a resident of Manhattan, New York. On my 18th birthday party, I met a guy at the local club and we connected like we had known each other for years. After having a couple of drinks, we wanted to get intimate. We made love that night in his apartment and that was the beginning of our relationship. We broke up in less than 2 months of the relationship because I discovered that was involved with multiple partners.

However, I did not realize that he had gifted me something absolutely that I hasn’t desired. He infected me with the herpes simplex virus, a microbe that I can never get rid of. When I confronted him, I realized that he wasn’t aware of the infection and he too had got it from her ex girlfriend. (Check men to avoid when dating). As he had never experienced any symptoms of the infection, he never knew about it.

I did not know what to do. I was puzzled at the asymptomatic nature of the herpes simplex virus. I went into a shell, not knowing what to do. But, this couldn’t have gone on forever and I knew the show had to go on. Soon, I collected myself and started doing a little research about the STD and discovered that people with herpes too can live an absolutely normal life. It is certainly not a sexually transmitted infection that can kill you.

I got to know of a site that claimed to connect people with herpes from across the globe, regardless of sex, age and religion. The website seemed to have a healthy membership base and thousands of satisfied users. PositiveSingles.com was nothing less than a ray of hope. The journey wasn’t easy but it was better than dating in a world that hated people having STDs.


I started connecting with some amazing people on this herpes dating site thanks to the built – in features like emailing and instant messaging. However, it took around 3 months to find my man, Lewis. Dating wasn’t the only agenda on my mind. Once we made the decision of being together, we started getting a lot of information about herpes and how an average person can deal with it.

We read hundreds of treatment stories where people had shared their experiences with various antiviral drugs and how it helped them cope up with the infection. Indeed, we used to contact the STD expert available on the site, to learn more about how Lewis and I could have a healthy sex life despite having herpes. We got to know that transmission of the herpes simplex virus cannot be curbed just by using barriers. In fact, it required lot more than just condoms and diaphragms.

The website also suggested a few STD care centers in our city, where we could pursue our treatment. We did exactly what was required and today, we have an absolutely normal life. Although I experience outbreaks, the frequency and severity has drastically reduced and the medication as well as counseling given by experts on PositiveSingles.com has certainly helped.

Every aspect of this site is just amazing and above all, there are so many people to connect with that you never feel alone. If you have herpes, this is the site you’d been looking for.

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Men with Herpes Dating – The 5 Kinds of Women You Should Avoid!

Herpes Dating  is not only difficult for women but for men as well. If you have been dating with herpes for a while and are not having any luck at all, or even if you did, the girls that you chose just made you want to hate yourself more, you’re doing it wrong buddy! There are plenty of fish in the sea, but that doesn’t mean that every fish is going to be the right one for you. If you end up picking the wrong fish, you may get a bone stuck in your throat and a visit to the emergency room will ensue.

However, dating is not about labelling or categorizing people, but there are some women with personalities that are so bad, that you should look to run for the hills if you come across them. There is someone out there for you bro, and you shouldn’t give up on finding the love of your life. But if you come across any of these kinds of women you should definitely get up and leave to avoid future headaches and possible injury as well.

1. The Psycho

Let’s start with the worst one first, because she is the one that is going to steal your heart the hardest. Yes, make no mistake you will fall hard for this babe, because not only will she be stunningly gorgeous, and she will bring a level of passion and intensity into your love life that will be beyond anything that you have ever experienced. It is very easy to fall for this woman, but once she is in your life, you will be in for a tough ride. She is the one that will call you 10 times if you don’t text back and will constantly post on your Facebook wall to get your attention. Remember though, sex with this woman is going to be out of this world, but sooner or later you will end up torn emotionally as she will make your life hell.

2. The Gold Digger

She is the woman that your momma warned you about and she would have looks that kill and legs for days. The gold digger is the woman that will appear absolutely flawless to you from all angles and will have you falling head over heels for you. There is a reason why she is so good at making men do things for her, and you will inevitably be showering her with expensive gifts just to please her. She will make you feel as if you are not good enough and will always demand stuff that she knows is out of your capability to acquire. She will have expensive taste and will expect you to bend over backwards to get her what she wants. Don’t fall for the trap and steer clear of this one, if you don’t want to be broke.

3. The Drama Queen

Nothing is ever good enough for this woman and she will have no qualms about throwing tantrums at the most ridiculous things. She just wants attention all the time and if you are too busy to see her or text her for a day, then all hell will break lose. She will not only have drama with you, it will be her mom, her sister, her best friend, even her boss at work. This woman will think that the entire world is against her and she is the victim. This woman doesn’t want to take responsibility for anything in life and you should definitely avoid settling down with this one.

4. The Immature Party Girl

This type of woman loves having fun and she will have enthusiasm that will rub on to you. She will take your attention and your desire and will have the perfect body and energy that will vibe with you. However, you will soon realize that partying and clubbing are the only things that she ever wants to do and even though you love the way she dresses, she doesn’t necessarily dress for you. She will be carefree and wild, which will attract your attention but then you will realize that you shouldn’t be dating a woman that has no inhibitions.

5. The Rebound

No guy wants to be the rebound, especially when they are looking for love and a serious relationship. This woman is the hardest to predict because she will use on every level, similar to the psycho. This girl will seduce you and have dancing to your tune in no time, which is a dangerous thing with her. She will easily make you fall into your trap and you will realize that the only thing that this girl wants is just to have a sexual encounter to get over the man that broke her heart. Don’t be foolish into thinking she is the one, because once she has heard her fun, she will dump your sorry ass.

It’s true that there are plenty of women out there in the dating world, who are looking for their Mr. Right, but there are also some women that will walk all over your heart. So choose wisely when you are dating with herpes and looking for a potential partner to settle down with.

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Women with Herpes Dating – The 5 Kinds of Men that You Should Avoid

Dating with herpes can be a daunting situation, particularly for women. The fear of judgment and rejection is the main reason why so many women don’t open up about dating with herpes. However, with the rise of online dating websites the herpes dating world has been revolutionized. Now women don’t have to live in fear of being rejected and judged on their STD, they can find similar partners who have been going through the same thing. Read a story from a fan here.

However, you shouldn’t be so quick to date a man when you are dating with herpes, since dating the wrong sort of person can put you off from dating forever. There are lots of good men out there who are looking for potential life partners with herpes, and you should make your choice carefully. There is no need to rush into a relationship with a man when you are dating with herpes, since that will only put you at more risk of getting hurt and rejected.

That is why we have decided to provide you with 5 kinds of men that you should avoid, when you are woman dating with herpes.

1. The Liar

No one likes being lied to whether they are dating with herpes or not. You should never date a guy that is a habitual liar, since they will always lie to you. When you are dating with herpes, you will find plenty of guys that will tell you sweet stuff about you and flirt with you in order to get your attention. However, if you are serious with herpes dating and want a long-term future with your next partner, you should steer well clear of the liar. They will have excuses for anything and may even lie about their STD and other important things in their life, like their job, their family, their financial status and their love life.

2. The Manipulator

Ladies, you should all know your true worth and therefore should avoid any man that tries to manipulate you in any way, shape or form. It is a sad reality but you will most likely come across a man that will be charming and cute and funny, but you shouldn’t fall for him instantly. Men who manipulate women will not hold back in anything, and they will have their own reasons for getting into a relationship. It may be for sex, for love or for the sheer pleasure of having someone under their control. You should definitely steer clear of this kind.

3. The Always Busy

They will be caring and attentive in the beginning and do all the right things to get your attention. In fact such men are so good at giving the right impression; you may think that he is the one that you are supposed to be with. However, as soon as they have got you, that is when they start playing their games and never give you any time. It may be their way of keeping you interested in them, but it is a douche bag move and you shouldn’t waste your time on a person that is always busy and never has time to see you or hangout with you.

4. The Emotionally Distant Guy

Such guys generally have had a rough childhood and for that reason they are unlikely to be too open with you. Their mysterious air and lack of emotion may seem appealing for most women, who will want to date this guy because they see it as a challenge. Don’t bother wasting your time with this one, since not only will they leave you an emotional wreck but will suck out all the happiness from their life. They will never make you feel special and will leave you wondering whether you are good enough.

5. The Lack of Ambition Guy

No self-respecting woman should ever date a guy that has got no ambition and doesn’t want to do anything with their life. These men will talk a big game and say all the right things to convince you to give them a chance, but you will soon see that they have no ambition at all to do the things they set out to do. This guy will not be genuine and sincere with you and will only waste your time and your money.

This list is by no means an attack on all guys, and there are still plenty of very decent, loving and caring guys that are available for women with herpes. So choose wisely and remember to stay clear of these kinds for your benefit.

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Online Herpes Dating Websites to Choose

Just because you have been diagnosed with herpes doesn’t mean that your dating life has come to an end. Being diagnosed with any kind or form of STD is a traumatic experience, and no one wants to live with an STD. However, you can still find love and have a normal life even with herpes. There are plenty of herpes dating websites available online, which has revolutionized the lives of people who are living with herpes.

They can now take advantage of this platform and find other people who share the same fate as them. It has allowed them communicate with them and establish lasting bonds, without facing any discrimination or rejection based on their STD. Even though there are so many herpes dating websites on the internet, it is still important that you choose the right dating site in order to have the best experience. This is why we have decided to provide you with our review of the top herpes online dating websites so that it is easier for you to choose the best from many available today.

The top 5 recommended paid websites

· Positivesingles.com

It is the #1 herpes dating website in the world and has got the most users online. They provide a wide range of extensive dating services that are beneficial for people who are dating with herpes. Learn more about Positive Singles

· Hmeet.com

This is another one of the top herpes dating websites in the online world and aims to provide people with a platform where they can meet other people with herpes.

· HSVsingles.com

The website is easy to use and is ranked amongst the very best herpes dating sites available online. It has got thousands of profiles and also offers supports to singles that are infected with herpes.

· Hmates.com

It offers herpes singles with the chance to communicate with other users in a safe and friendly environment, and is geared towards support for people suffering from herpes.

· LoveHStyle.com

This website is relatively new but it has made a huge impact in the herpes dating community. It is extremely affordable and provides users with the perfect platform to meet other herpes singles.

The top 5 recommended free websites

· Hope.dating

It is one of the newer entrants in the herpes dating community, but the websites sports a fresh look and offers revolutionary support for people with STDs.

· H-Date.com

It is one of the best herpes dating websites and has consistently delivered a great environment for people who suffer from all forms of STD.

· Herpespassions.com

This is another great website for herpes dating, which provides people with easy features such as sending messages or chatting with other members for free.

· MPWH.com

This website has got some outstanding features and is one of the best sites for herpes dating. It offers the perfect platform for Herpes singles to form connections and bond with one another

· HerpesAnonymous.com

Offering herpes support group as well as a brilliant dating platform, this website ranks as one of the best in the online herpes dating community. There are lots of great features and navigation of the website is easy and fast.

The top 3 websites by countries

· H-YPE.com

The YPE stands for ‘Your Positive Experience’ and it certainly delivers on its promise. If you want an STD dating website free from all forms of discrimination and rejection this is perfect for you. It is only available for users in the United Kingdom.

· LoveBug.net.au

This is one of the newest websites in the herpes dating community and it targets singles with herpes in Australia. It has got a support group, where you can chat and message other users and also set up potential dates.

· Positivesingles Canada 

Established in 2001, it is the undisputed leader in the herpes dating community and provides the most comprehensive platform and support system for herpes singles in the world and has got over 150,000 Canadian members.

The real difference between paid websites and free websites

With so many different herpes dating websites available online, it can become confusing for users to identify a specific website that will offer them with the best service. The major debate is whether to choose a free website or a paid one? Most people prefer using free websites, since they believe that they shouldn’t be paying for dating services, whilst others are willing to pay if it means that they get an exclusive service that is designed to give them what they want.

We have, therefore, decided to provide you with the real difference between paid and free websites:

Free Herpes Dating Websites Paid Herpes Dating Websites
√Free use of services √Exclusive & dedicated services delivered
√ Great way to check out herpes dating √ Higher chance of dates & matches
√ No fear of throwing money away √ Only serious users available online
√ No hassles in setting up profiles √ Detailed procedure to set up profile
√ Lots of horrible profiles to go through √ High security & anonymity guaranteed


So check out all the free and paid herpes dating sites and decide which ones you want to sign up with to start your herpes dating experience.

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Online Dating Vs. Offline Dating with Herpes

Technology today has greatly influenced a lot of things; one of them is the ease in online dating with herpes. There are lots of online herpes dating websites, which have been used by people who are suffering from herpes to find their true soul mate. It has provided herpes singles with the chance to find true love without any fear of judgment and discrimination.

However, many people find that offline dating with herpes can be just as effective as online dating with herpes. The major reason is that they are able to go to support groups and clubs that are specifically designed for herpes singles. They feel safe in the knowledge that they are able to communicate with other herpes singles and not be worried whether the person was faking their disease or not.

To make matters easier we have decided to list all the benefits of online herpes dating versus the benefits of offline herpes dating. You be the judge and decide which option you would prefer.

Benefits of online herpes dating:

The world of online herpes dating is definitely on the rise. There are a lot of online herpes dating websites that allow the user to find their soul mate and have a fantastic experience. There are also online herpes dating support groups and forums available, where people can chat with other herpes singles and get some valuable advice and share their experiences with each other.

Here are some of the advantages that you can expect to gain from herpes dating online:

  • Fast, easy and convenient
  • No pressure or stress to impress
  • Avoid embarrassment
  • Meet a lot of singles easily
  • Find compatible matches
  • Get better personal connections
  • Complete privacy and anonymity

The major reasons why a lot of people prefer online herpes dating to offline herpes dating is because of the fact that they have less pressure and the chances of finding their potential soul mate is greater. They also have the option to remain anonymous and not reveal their identity to people who they don’t trust or like. This is something that sets online herpes dating apart from the offline experience and is a reason why so many people consider it to be the better option.

Benefits of offline herpes dating:

Regardless of the advancement of technology a lot of people don’t trust the internet. These people are from the old school of thought and they believe that any meaningful relationship simply can’t blossom online and they would much rather meet and fall in love with a person rather than over the internet. It is the same with herpes singles, who want to experience the real world dating offline experience, and here are some of the benefits that encourage them to try that:

  • You are able to determine if you have chemistry
  • There is no pressure to find out the identity of the other person
  • You are able to gauge the person much better and get an idea if the relationship is going to work
  • You get a chance to discuss things with that person face to face and see how serious they are

Offline herpes dating has got some advantages that online dating doesn’t provide, which is why some people prefer to go down that road.

The final verdict

Whether you choose offline herpes dating or online herpes dating, the main aim is to find a potential soul mate with whom you can spend the rest of your life with happily. You should also consider the fact that the main of online herpes dating is to eventually take the relationship offline, into the real world. That is the number one reason a lot of people choose offline herpes dating over online dating, even though it may leave them vulnerable to rejection and judgment.

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Tips to Manage Rejection when Dating with Herpes

Finding out that you have been diagnosed with herpes is generally one of the worst things that can happen to you. For most people, their lives have been changed completely and their dating or love life is never the same. The stress, anxiety, and depression that follow a diagnosis of any STD will make you wonder if you will ever manage to find love in your life again.

However, dating with herpes doesn’t have to be stressful, since a lot of people today around 30% in the world are diagnosed with genital herpes. People are mostly afraid of being judged on their STD and they are afraid of facing rejection from future partners. However, there are ways that you can manage the rejection and find love again in your life through STD dating websites.

Here are some of the most important tips for managing rejection that you should know about when you are dating with herpes:

You are not your disease

So you have been diagnosed with herpes, it is not the end of your world. There are much worse diseases out there, and even though there is a high risk of spreading the infection, you can manage that risk with medication. One of the first things that you should do when dating with herpes is forgetting about your STD. You should not let it rule your heart and mind and remember that you are dating because you want to find true love. If you truly like someone, then their STD should not stand as a barrier between your love for that person, since with advancements in medical science there are lots of ways to manage herpes effectively.

Be upfront about your diagnosis before sex

The toughest thing about herpes dating is being upfront about your condition. Not many people are open to the idea of disclosing their diagnosis to their partner, due to the fear of facing rejection. It is the humiliation more than the rejection that people are afraid of but if you have ‘The Talk’ before sex you will not face this problem. If someone is serious about a relationship with you, then your STD will not change their way of thinking and they will still want to spend their life with you. However, hiding your condition and telling them afterwards is a betrayal of the highest order and you shouldn’t wait to tell them. Be upfront with them and they will admire your courage and honesty.

Herpes is very common now

A lot of people are afraid of being judged by their partners and don’t want to disclose their STD because of that. However, herpes is incredibly common now and every person that is sexually active has got a high chance of catching that disease. There are some people who can be unkind after hearing about your herpes diagnosis, but for the most part people are understanding and more likely to be kind about it. Studies have revealed that at least 30% of the population is going to be affected by herpes at some point in their life and it is one of the most common STDs around today.

You can reduce the risk of spreading herpes

A lot of people are scared that they will infect their significant other with their herpes. It is a concern that is legitimate, since herpes is known to be highly contagious and even skin to skin contact during sex can spread it. However, there are lots of new medications and therapies that have reduced the risk of spreading herpes. There is suppressive therapy, which reduces the severity and number and outbreaks of herpes, whilst using a condom during intercourse and oral sex will ensure that your partner is safe from any risk of herpes. Practicing safe sex is a must if you are dating with herpes and you should ensure that your partner knows that.

People may still reject you, but the right person won’t

Let’s be honest here, every person is different. There are still people out there who are going to reject you upon learning that you have herpes. However, if you are honest and upfront about your STD, the chances of you facing rejection will lessen significantly. So learn more about your condition and teach your potential partner about the possible risks of spreading herpes before you begin dating.

In all likelihood, you are still prone to getting rejected, but you shouldn’t let your STD become your reality. You deserve a happy and loving life, and you will find someone who will accept you for who you are. It can be hard to find the right person without an STD, so dating with herpes will make it a little harder for you. Always remember that people may still reject you, but the right person will never back away from you and will accept you in any condition.

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