A new start after herpes

There was a time when I used to freak out on getting to know that someone has a sexually transmitted disease. I was under the impression that people that have multiple partners are the ones to get an STD until one day – the day I was diagnosed with STD.

I am Sofia, a resident of Manhattan, New York. On my 18th birthday party, I met a guy at the local club and we connected like we had known each other for years. After having a couple of drinks, we wanted to get intimate. We made love that night in his apartment and that was the beginning of our relationship. We broke up in less than 2 months of the relationship because I discovered that was involved with multiple partners.

However, I did not realize that he had gifted me something absolutely that I hasn’t desired. He infected me with the herpes simplex virus, a microbe that I can never get rid of. When I confronted him, I realized that he wasn’t aware of the infection and he too had got it from her ex girlfriend. (Check men to avoid when dating). As he had never experienced any symptoms of the infection, he never knew about it.

I did not know what to do. I was puzzled at the asymptomatic nature of the herpes simplex virus. I went into a shell, not knowing what to do. But, this couldn’t have gone on forever and I knew the show had to go on. Soon, I collected myself and started doing a little research about the STD and discovered that people with herpes too can live an absolutely normal life. It is certainly not a sexually transmitted infection that can kill you.

I got to know of a site that claimed to connect people with herpes from across the globe, regardless of sex, age and religion. The website seemed to have a healthy membership base and thousands of satisfied users. PositiveSingles.com was nothing less than a ray of hope. The journey wasn’t easy but it was better than dating in a world that hated people having STDs.


I started connecting with some amazing people on this herpes dating site thanks to the built – in features like emailing and instant messaging. However, it took around 3 months to find my man, Lewis. Dating wasn’t the only agenda on my mind. Once we made the decision of being together, we started getting a lot of information about herpes and how an average person can deal with it.

We read hundreds of treatment stories where people had shared their experiences with various antiviral drugs and how it helped them cope up with the infection. Indeed, we used to contact the STD expert available on the site, to learn more about how Lewis and I could have a healthy sex life despite having herpes. We got to know that transmission of the herpes simplex virus cannot be curbed just by using barriers. In fact, it required lot more than just condoms and diaphragms.

The website also suggested a few STD care centers in our city, where we could pursue our treatment. We did exactly what was required and today, we have an absolutely normal life. Although I experience outbreaks, the frequency and severity has drastically reduced and the medication as well as counseling given by experts on PositiveSingles.com has certainly helped.

Every aspect of this site is just amazing and above all, there are so many people to connect with that you never feel alone. If you have herpes, this is the site you’d been looking for.